Published online June 2020.
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"I'm not sure if this is my breath or yours, or somebody else's and I'm not sure that it matters."

'Sean Dockray (2011). 'Where do you read? (178 words | 0:43 mins)'. I read where I am: exploring new information cultures. Amsterdam, Valiz. Dockray is the founder of aka Artists, Architects, and Activists Reading Group. More on collaborative studies in arts, media and humanities at monoskop.

This is an educational project. Where content has been reproduced every effort has been made to credit the source and copyright holders. Please respect the economic and moral rights to their original works and metadata of the artists and authors referenced. Otherwise, content on the site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. CURATING PHOTOGRAPHY MODULE, BA PHOTOGRAPHY, TUDUBLIN, CITY CAMPUS, IRELAND 2020. 

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