Cinemagraphs of the zines!

On the 20th of March, the class and I spent some time in Studio C, filming cinemagraphs of our chosen zines. We narrowed our selection down to just three zines: Exhausted Structures by Brian Arnold, As I Walked Out Through Dublin City by Luke Fallon and A Dirty Book Volume one by Dawn West. All three of these zines are based around photography; which is why we chose them. We also felt these three zines would be best shown though moving image based on their size.

It look us a while to align the camera and zine so the zine was straight in the frame.

We began with one tripod but eventually decided to switch to another which had the ability to pivot horizontally; this made it much easier to get the zine straight in the frame. We used Kate's bag as a counter weight for the Canon 5D mark 3 as it was quite heavy. We also used a polarizing lens; the reason for this was to limit any reflections that may occur. It was also a general consensus that using the overhead lighting was going to be more effective than the studio lighting, as the studio lighting was actually causing more shadows than the room light. As you can see, we shot this on top of the table with a white backdrop placed on the table. We did this because the table was a bit shabby and we wanted the videos to look as professional as possible. Using the table just made it easier to flip through the pages as it was higher off the ground.

For this aspect, I was the hand model while it was Shane's job to reach the camera and press the record/stop recording button. It was my job to flip through the zines, page by page, showing each double page spread for a second or two during the video. We decided it would be best to video each zine twice, so as we could choose which one looked better and discard the other. This aspect was fairly straightforward; as opposed to the messing around with lights only to then not use them.

Allover, we all felt this was successful time spent in the studio and although it was perhaps more time consuming than originally hoped, I felt it was good practice to try different lighting set ups and see what worked and what didn't.

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