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On the 16th of March, Trish Lambe and Pete Smyth met with 2 students from DIT Photography’s 3rd year class. Trish Lambe is the co-director of the gallery while Pete Smyth is the person in charge of the darkroom and installation processes. The aim of this meeting was for the students to learn more insight into how the Gallery of Photography works, particularly focusing on their methods of working with photographic prints and installations.

Although much of the discussion was about how they handled prints and set up for exhibitions, some aspects of online presence was also discussed. The Gallery of Photography, in general, is not very engaged with the screen side of things.

They aim to stick to much more traditional methods of engaging with their audience; this is through the dedication of hands on work throughout the gallery including everything down to cleaning/housekeeping. In terms of online engagement, the Gallery of Photography does have a website however, Trish Lambe and Pete Smyth have said that they do not use it very often.

Aside from this they do have a Facebook page, an Instagram and a Twitter account. The Facebook page is kept up to date with all of the upcoming events including various photos from current exhibitions. The Instagram, although updated daily, is not directly about any of the exhibitions themselves but more solely around current prints and postcards that are available in the gallery store. Their Twitter account is updated rather frequently but are mainly tweets sending the viewer to images from certain artists, mainly those currently exhibiting work at the Gallery of Photography.

It can be seen that social media is not their prime, targeted way of communicating with their audience but this is solely down to the fact that the staff have so many other things to do, it is simply not at the top of their priority list. However despite this, they still keep up a social media presence, something which is important these days.

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