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Updated: May 17, 2018

For this curatorial module, the Stage 3 class of DIT’s BA (Hons) Photography course undertook a number of visits to different galleries as well as photographic practices, in order to help us and engage and understand our own curatorial needs. In the following posts, you will see an introduction to practices of the Gallery of Photography and the Kerlin Gallery, as well as the private practice of Ros Kavanagh. There are also a number of posts detailing the class’s curatorship of the Forgotten Zine Archives, as well their documentation of the process.

Curators: Gary Byrne, Shane Caldwell, Liam Devine, Laura Holmes, Kate O’Connor, Alex Simonics.

Lecturer: Valerie Connor

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Workshop (print)

Workshop Blogpost (Print) On the 14th of March, six 3rd year DIT photography students had a workshop with Kate O’Brien, the course technician, about photographing print material. The workshop started

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