Kerlin Gallery (screen)

On the 9th of March 2018 a meeting took place at the Kerlin Gallery which is located at Anne’s Lane, Dublin 2. The interview was held between two students and Lee Welch who is the Archivist and Elly Collins who is the Registrar. The main goal of the interview was to gain some insight into both their roles working at the gallery.

There is an overlap between the roles of archivist and registrar. Welch’s role covers doing in house photography of all of their artworks; he covers the documentation side of things. These artworks are then given a stock code and put into an ‘artist folder’. Citation and annotation are generated with a program called “Artform”. Artform is a database, a kind of filemaker which compiles any data inputted such as ‘provenance’ with a standardised ‘citation’ and ‘annotation’. Another program which is essential to this work is a program called “Artbinder”. Artbinder allows a paperless way of organisation for galleries, artists and collectors using a simple interface. This is specifically made with the intention of letting customers take a look at the artworks they are interested in. Here, the works are put into categories and when one is selected, all of the relevant information about the piece is shown. The design of this was made with UX in mind.

Rosa Abbott discussed manages the social media for the Kerlin Gallery and discussed engagement on the platforms. Rosa said that #Instagram was by far the most important platform for their gallery and their artists due to its visuality. Facebook and Twitter are also used and a “professional” tone is always maintained throughout. She mentioned a lot of institutions will try to make their social media funny to try to get more engagement from people. While the gallery has long term customers due to its 30 years in business, art fairs are a place which networking and meetings are important to build a new customer base. Rosa also mentioned that the ipad was the tool of choice for fairs and meetings instead of a traditional notebook.

Sam Keogh, "Kapton Cadaverine" at the Kerlin Gallery

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