Photographing the Zines from the Forgotten Zine Archive

The week before last (March 14th) we had a workshop with the DIT Photography technician Kate. She taught us how to get the best results when photographing printed materials such as zines, leaflets, etc. By using two large polarising filters made by Kate fixed over the studio lights it was possible to remove the shine from the pages of the zines. This was a real eye-opener for me because I felt we'd have huge difficulties with removing glare; I'd even watched a few videos on Youtube which demonstrated how to do this in Photoshop. I think that after the lights were set up and the polarising filters were attached to the softboxes the hardest part of the exercise was how to hold the book in place. We overcame this problem by deciding on how much of the models hand to include in the photographs; we decided that the models hands should be on the top right corner and the bottom left of each zine, holding the book onto the white background. We allocated the job of the hand model to Shane as we felt he has the nicest hands of the group, we didn't think of any other aspects of the selection in terms of for example, gender, but perhaps we should have. Shane had the difficult task of laying down on the ground holding the zine down and turning the pages for each photograph. I helped him turn the pages when he was finding moving his arms difficult as he'd been laying down on his front for quite some time. Gary and Kate used a laptop tethered to the camera in order to take the photographs, this made it easier than pressing the cameras shutter button and it is much easier to see the photograph on a large screen than on the screen on the back of the camera.

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