Ros Kavanagh (print)

Ros Kavanagh is a Crumlin based photographer whose speciality is architecture and theatre photography; he also does a certain amount of product photography. He is also a contributing photographer for VIEW Pictures Ltd, an online architecture photography archive. Two 3rd year students, Kate and Shane, from DIT’s photography course met with Ros on the 16th of March to discuss and examine his workflow.

Ros' presence is very much online; when working with clients, the dialogue is very much digital. When he sends clients contact sheets of photographs he has taken for a particular job, he is sure to watermark them. He does this to avoid reproductions or prints of his images in which he did not agree to. It is interesting to note that Ros' only ever uses digital contact sheets. This is in contrast with many photographers and/or artists that use printed contact sheets.

When the client chooses the desired images, Ros exports them as high quality 16 bit TIFF files along with the metadata attached to the images. He points out at this point that although the exports of the images are 16 bit, he supplies the client with 8 bit images. The reasoning for this is to dissuade them for using his images for posters or other larger formats without consulting him first.

Another point Ros made in regards to his work is his image rights. He retains the rights to all of images. When supplying his photographs to places like theatre groups and newspapers, Ros uses the file size of 3000 pixels wide. Doing this takes the opportunity away from these parties to use his images for larger prints like posters; using the images in a way that Ros is not being paid for.

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