Studio Photography Workshop

March 14th involved a workshop on studio photography given by the college technician, Kate O' Brien. Kate covered topics such as angle of light, reflections when using light to photograph objects and polarising filters. The lecture was extremely informative given that my knowledge of angle of light had been quite thin. The diagrams provided really cemented the idea of reflection of light and how it may impact on studio photography.

Kate showed us two panels of polarising filters that she had constructed so that they could be used directly in front of the softboxes. One thing to know about these filters was that they behave differently due to their position. Essentially, they split the light using lines. A horizontal or vertical use of this filter can greatly change the overall behaviour of the light. The use of these filters proved to be essential to obtaining professional looking photographs for our project.

Working in a team proved to be very fruitful and we were extremely efficient in our task. We split up the workshop into various roles for each person. Selection and chosen page for each zine, positioning of each zine page for each photograph, taking charge of the light position and filter set up, monitoring the tethered captures as they appeared etc.

We were extremely happy with the outcomes of these photographs. We looked at every detail and paid particular attention to perfect straight lines for each photograph taken. With studio photography there is no room for error. Any poorly composed photograph would take away from the broader project. Similarly, the colour checker card was used to obtain perfect white balance.

Colour check for white balance

For a sense of scale of the zines, hands were an important part of each photograph.

Colour corrected images exported from our shared lightroom catalog.

We were careful to make sure the covers and back of each zine took up the same position at the end of a series of photographs.

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