The Kerlin Gallery (Print)

Updated: May 16, 2018

Two students from the stage 3 of the BA (Hons) Photography course at Grangegorman met with met with Lee Welch, Archivist and Elly Collins, Registrar for an interview in the Kerlin Gallery, to better understand their roles and discuss how they exhibit work.

Lee Welch’s role covers doing in house photography of all of their #artworks and #prints; he covers the documentation side of things. These artworks are then given a stock code and put into an ‘artist folder’.

When it comes to research behind the artworks, this falls more into Elly’s role. As the gallery's registrar, she is responsible for the the gallery’s inventory, database and condition reports, as well shipping, art handling, suppliers, storage handling etc. The Gallery has two storage spaces, and she works very closely with the technician in these spaces. As the Gallery is only made up of seven people, each of them take on small roles, quite often splitting the workload between them. While they do have an abundance of works. There is a very good outflow-inflow of works and pieces do not tend to stay with them very long. A lot of the pieces are a one offs and the artists they house do not normally work with editions, therefore the pieces that they show and sell can be considered quite rare.

While Facebook and Twitter are also used, he gallery has long term customers due to its 30 years in business, art fairs are a place which networking and meetings are important to build a new customer base.

It quickly becomes clear that the management of the gallery, relies greatly on digital '#archiving and #cataloging, and there is a reliance on the ipad for much of the day to day work. However, the inherent #materiality of the objects on display, makes it impossible to experience the exhibitions merely on screen, and the handling of artwork is an inherent part of the process.

Fig.1: Anon (2018) Sam Keogh, "Kapton Cadaverine" at the Kerlin Gallery

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