Week One of Advanced Printing

Our first class of advanced printing with Ed Dunne from Inspirational Arts took place on the 5th of March. Ed first gave an overview of what we will be covering in the workshop. When this was done, Ed began a lecture on the critical appraisal of colour. There are two types of light, D50 and D65. D50 is a warm light that is the equivalent of average daylight and D65 is a neutral white light which is the equivalent of midday light. D65 bulbs should be used when printing because they are neutral and give a better representation of colour in the print. Your work space should also have neutral grey walls to avoid strong colours affecting the viewing of the print.

Ed also discussed colour profiles and colour spaces. In 1996 sRGB was created by HP and Microsoft. It is the smallest colour space and is mainly used on monitors and consumer cameras. Adobe RGB was created in 1998. It has a wider colour gamet and is used in professional photography. The largest colour space is ProPhoto RGB which was created by Kodak in 1998. However, there is no devise to capture or output ProPhoto RGB so it is mainly used for future proofing files. This class was very interesting, I learned a lot about printing that I did not know and I'm looking forward to the next classes.

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