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Workshop Blogpost (Print) On the 14th of March, six 3rd year DIT photography students had a workshop with Kate O’Brien, the course technician, about photographing print material. The workshop started off with a short presentation about the various methods and lighting of subject matter, as well as the advantages of using polarized filters when photographing printed material that has a shiny or reflective surface. Also discussed were methods of presenting print material in the photo frame: with hands or without etc. Kate made two sheet filters that attached to the studio lights, along with a circular filter attached to the lens of the camera.

The week previous, at the Forgotten Zine Archive, the third year students made a selection of 10 zines based on their content; photographic material. At the workshop, the selection was narrowed down further to 6 zines due to time constraints and logistics. It was important to be careful in framing the zines. This was an vital aspect to cover correctly as these images would be presented in the form of an A3 broadsheet. In terms of presenting this kind of material in the printed form, the appearance and presentation is key.

It was decided amongst the students that the zines would be best presented against a plain white background. It was also agreed to have hands in the frame for the opened pages, but not in the photographs that presented the front and back covers. The camera was mounted on a Manfrotto tripod; this tripod had the ability to position the camera horizontally and in a downward position. The two softboxes were angled downwards at roughly 90 degrees. For each zine, the front and back covers were shot, along with one double page spread from each zine.

The most laborious and time consuming part was the alignment and placing of each zine in front of the camera; it was important to frame all the zines in the same position. Due to the different sizes of the zines, it was a near impossible task to set up each shoot in the exactly the same position on the white paper and it was necessary to reposition and frame each zine separately.

It was decided amongst the students that a hand model would be used. In this case, Shane was the hand model. He placed his left hand on the top left hand side of the zine and his right hand on the bottom right hand side of the zine. It was Shane’s difficult task to lie on the floor holding the zines down and turning the pages for each photo. Liam helped Shane in turning the pages as lying in this position for so long was uncomfortable for Shane.

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