Zine Photography Workshop (Print)

On the 14th of March, DIT Photography technician Kate gave us a workshop on how to photograph zines in the studio. At our previous session in A4 Sounds, it was agreed that each of us would choose 2 zines which we felt best suited our goals. Our task was to look through the selected zines and narrow them down; the group decided to reduce the selection down to a succinct collection 6 zines. We made our selection based on which of the individually chosen zines were best suited to the theme of 'photography zine'. Some of the ones that were chosen were zines which looked almost like photobook mock-ups, whilst others looked like they could be actual photobooks. In the end, our selection consisted of six zines which we felt would best be presented on screen and could also be presented in print. When producing photographs of the printed material, it was important that we centred each zine within the photographic frame, so that they would display well on the website and in print. This was the most laborious and time-consuming part, aligning and placing of each zine in front of the camera, we wanted all the zines to sit in the same place in the frame. Due to the esoteric nature and different sizes of the zines, we were unable to set up each photograph in the exactly the same position and had to course correct with each new zine. As a result of the exercise, we now feel much more confident about the process of documenting archive material and feel the resulting documentation of the material was very successful.

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